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February 12, 2023, 03:40 PM
The TIDAL WAVE I wrote about is actually much bigger than even I imagined. Today, Jan. 12, 2023...new all time records are being set in sports Gambling, with Ohio ( a new state player in the game) being new and shiny...is going far beyond the state's hope and expectation.

It might cool down with time, and although I did not get to offer my TOOLS to these goldrush types, I will keep a close watch on it.

One thing, Ohio lottery is taking a hit, from some unnamed sources, and is going to shore up their games to gain back some of these idiots betting the Browns will win the Supperbowl next year. A new scratch off, dubbed internally as IDIOTS' HOPE, will feature the Browns winning next year big game.

Odd (or maybe not really) societal trend, lottery play goes up with Inflation and recessions. More gold for the state coffers, less for the rest of us.


Any big game wagers?

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