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February 24, 2023, 07:02 AM
Hey guys! It's been a while I haven't posted here. :)

So, getting straight to the point:

I'm using facebook ADS to sell an e-book I wrote: "Build Your Own Website By Yourself Without Putting Up With Anyone".

The audience are women 45 - 64 years old. I find that women are more open minded. Is both for hobby and professional/business owner. The market is so small here in Portugal that I try to include both hobby and professional/business owner.

The ad is simply a sales letter in text + 1 e-book cover image.

SITUATION: Sometimes I sell at a profit, sometimes not.

The ad works to be sent a message directly in the Facebook Page chat – I do not redirect to any landing page outside.

It's all done via chat only.

The Customer pays for the e-book by PayPal or another mechanism, and I send him the E-book in .pdf file through the chat. Simple as that.

And it has worked beautifully, no dramas. So far I've only had 1 refund where the person – wrongly – thought that the e-book was written with texts copied directly from Google.

The help I ask of you is:

Bearing in mind that sometimes I make a profit and sometimes I don't, it makes me believe that there is indeed some interest in the e-book, and I keep my faith in it.

But obviously I wanted it to be predictably stable with profit.

What do you think it can be done to change the situation?

Do you think this situation can be solved by changing just the copy or the image? The image is simply the e-book cover, I test different covers and backgrounds.

Do you think it would drastically change if I redirected people to an outside landing page?

I tested different markets here in Portugal. I test in English language to other countries. I tested many markets. I tested using emojis too.

I send below the copy and the image attached.

Thank you all.


----------------------- COPY BELOW (It's originally written in Portuguese, I just translated directly from Google Translation. Don't mind any grammatical errors) ----------------------------

ATTENTION: Easily and Quickly Do It Yourself Your Own Website In Just Few Hours And Without Spending A Fortune

Dear friend,

If you ever thought or tried to create your own website now in just few hours instead of time consuming months you have your own website up and running.

Whether for your professional or hobby website.

This E-Book reveals to you different easy proven ways that you can use of your choice to finally get your website created.

It contains condensed information that is easy and quick to apply, ideal for beginners.

It is suitable for you to create various types of websites: tiny, small, medium, large, giant. Blog, E-Commerce, Informative. Commercial, corporate, leisure.

All this with the 100% freedom of:

– You don't have to put up with anyone;
— You don't have to be a computer geek;
— You don't have to know boring and complicated programming;
– You don't have to spend a fortune;

Why waste months of headaches and hundreds of euros when you can have your website for a fraction of the time and cost without having to put up with anyone?

Here's what you'll find out:

• What's The Best Type Of Program For You To Create Your Website Quickly And Easily – page 5;

• The Recommended Program for You – Page 8;

• How to Create Your FREE Website – page 17;

• What You Need to Get Your Website Up and Running – page 12;

• The Fastest Way You Can Create Your Website – page 15;

• Recommended Alternative Programs For You – page 11;

• How to Get Your Website Up and Running Fast – page 16;

• Recommendations For You – page 19;

With this valuable condensed knowledge you will know how to make and implement your website in a few hours!

Will you pass up this opportunity?

Order your handy E-Book NOW!


Your E-book is readily available for shipment right after you place your order.

Ordering is easy, fast and 100% safe for you.

Just send a message now here on the Facebook page.

Order available by MBWay and PayPal.

After your payment, your E-Book is sent to you in the chat in a .pdf file.

If you invest in many programming manuals to study how to program and create your own website, you will probably — at least — spend 100€ (one hundred euros) and it would take months to master the difficulty of knowing how to program!

If you hire a web design agency to build your website for you, they will probably charge you — at best — €250 (two hundred and fifty euros) at the very least.

Your new useful and practical E-book costs you a fraction of those investments: just €20 (twenty euros).


Apply one of the many ways revealed in your new E-Book to create your own website. If after 90 days you haven't been able to create your new website after applying one of the easy ways, simply send us a message and your money will be refunded — without any further questions.

How long are you going to go on without having your own website?

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.


Yours sincerely,

MF Manuals – Manuals For Those Who Hate Computers And Have No Time To Lose

P.S - I remind you that you have a full 90 days to try your new booklet. If, after reading your new e-book booklet and trying to create your website, you find that you can't, simply send a message here on the Facebook Page and your money will be refunded – no further questions.

P.P.S - If you've already tried to create your own website, DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! Order your E-Book NOW.

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