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Dien Rice
September 5, 2006, 06:22 AM
As many of you would have heard, Steve Irwin (the "Crocodile Hunter" from TV) was killed yesterday. He was killed by a stingray while making a documentary...

I was saddened at the news, and I know I wasn't the only one. Looking at the Yahoo News most popular news items http://news.yahoo.com/i/964, 3 of the top 10 most viewed news items at the time of posting this were about Steve Irwin. I also checked a little earlier, and then, 4 news items in the top 10 were about him! Clearly Steve Irwin was loved the world over...

The strange thing, in my case, though, was - I've hardly watched his show. I've maybe seen him a couple of times on his show, and a couple of times on "talk shows", and that's about it. Yet, when I heard the news yesterday, it affected me emotionally... And talking to others I know, I wasn't the only one.

Why would I feel like that - when I had hardly even watched his show?

I think it's because... Well...

It's a little like Gordon Alexander writes about in the "White Bread Post" http://www.sowpub.com/story-whitebread.shtml ... where Gordon tells his story of selling plain, white bread... And how he became genuinely enthusiastic about all the things you can do with white bread! That's how he was able to sell out of bread!

The lesson?

You can’t do anything well without enthusiasm!

Steve Irwin was always amazingly enthusiastic about what he was doing... And he wanted to share that enthusiasm with everyone else! I think it was hard not to get caught up in it too!

Just a little post to remember a great man...

and a good lesson we can all learn from him, and remember him by...

- Dien Rice

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