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September 6, 2006, 10:23 AM
Great Post and great thoughts Gordon.

Thanks for re-posting those gems of wisdom.

As one who has sponsored (over 100 new individuals as dealers for Kaeser and Blair, Inc.) and offered free training and advice, I learned a long time ago, that I couldn't do "It" for them. If they weren't willing to learn the ropes, study the products and methods for putting a customer's logo on a product, then get out and approach prospective buyers (online or off), I couldn't and wouldn't do it for them.

I'm very much in tune with your thoughts on the modern "social" system that has turned many into life-time dependents of the system. What a waste of human capabilities.

What if Bill Porter (Watkin's Products success story) had listened to society and a case worker who told him he needed to move into a group home and accept his limitations.

How much potential is wasted because many are willing to accept what society will give them if they just follow the rules.

I'll be up in Ohio next week, for the annual Kaeser and Blair annual convention (OK, this year it will be almost exclusively in Northern KY, except for the Friday night tailgate party at the George Brown Stadium). This is a great time for celebrating the entrepreneurs who have chosed to build their own business in lieu or or in addition to a job or retirement pension.

I wish it was closer to Akron, as I'd like to get to sit down with you and visit in person.


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