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Work Satisfaction
June 29, 2011, 11:29 AM
I have been an 'observer' in many forums in an effort to get a feel for how the forums work and also to gain valuable knowledge pertaining to my most recent 'job addition'.

I have not yet found any other forum which gives such clear and useful guidelines to new members pertaining to how to gain maximum benefit from using the forum without (often unknowingly) overstepping boundaries and being labelled as spammers.

Many of us are honestly new to the game of IM and do need some guidelines to ensure that we learn all we can from the experts without wanting to shout out details of our 'achievements' and 'offers' from every roof-top! It is truly refreshing to receive these guidelines upfront. Thank-you for going the extra mile!

I would just like to add that the best guideline anyone can have when in doubt is to respect others and their opinions no matter what. We are all unique and that is truly what makes learning from one another and interacting with one another such a satisfying process. In my experience, this guideline can be applied successfully to all areas of life.

I sincerely look forward to learning from other like-minded individuals within this forum and hope that I too will be able to add some value.

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