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November 13, 2012, 01:33 PM
Most Important Rules of the Forum

There are only a couple simple rules... Which are:

No insults or personal attacks.
No blatant ads.However, adding a "signature" to the end of your post (with a promotional link) is okay and encouraged as long as you don't abuse it!
The most blatant abuse is the drive-by post, also called the "me too" post. Usually new people will try this, they will post several short responses, mostly of the "I like" or "me too" variety and leave their signature links. This will get your signature deleted until you participate more in the forum.
Basic Stuff

How To Reply To A Post: At the end of the post you want to reply to, you'll see a button which says "Quote". Just click on that! (Your post will include a quote from the post you're replying to.) Alternatively, if you want to just make a general reply to the thread, at the end of the thread you'll see a button which says "Post Reply" which you can use.

- Dien

I find your post very helpful since I'm just new to the forum world. It's just simple like a 7 year old kid can understand the tips yet so powerful enough enough to be followed by an adult. Thanks a lot Dien! :)

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