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Dien Rice
September 12, 2006, 10:44 PM
This is not my day! I posted my "I can't edit" remark in the poll response. Then I saw this sticky.

Then I forgot why I wanted to edit that first post: I HATE the colors on that forum example. Please don't do something like that!

Hi Marye,

I hear you! It seems like most people want the forum to look as much like the old forum as possible... So I'll work towards that as a guideline!

My personal "pet peeve" with some forums (and web sites) is when the text is too small... So I'll do my best to make the text bigger too - so you won't need to squint like you do when the text is too small...! ;)

On editing - I think I did change it. Let me get to it and change it back... I'd be happy to make editing available for a time after writing the post (so you can go back and fix mistakes and that kind of thing)... :)

- Dien

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