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Dien Rice
September 11, 2006, 06:54 PM
I can alter the current forum to look a bit more like the "old" Sowpub forum, so you can see "threads" from the front page...

In fact, here's a forum which has done it, so you can see what it looks like...


(I should be able to change the text size, so don't worry about the text being too small...)

The question is - do you prefer this "other" threaded look? Or do you like the forum as it is right now?

Please let me know what you think! (And feel free to post why you like one way or the other way...)

I've set up a poll - so please let me know your vote! (At present, you do need to be registered and logged in to vote...)

Thanks for your help and feedback! :)

- Dien

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