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September 14, 2006, 12:22 PM
I decided to tell some of the things in this great book and why I think it is so important to have:

Here is some of the things he talks about and wow I love it!

Don't Sell the Steak -Sell the Sizzle

"Don't Write -Telegraph"

"Say it with Flowers"

Don't Ask if Ask Which!

Watch Your Bark

Now let me explain just one of these Don't Ask if Ask Which!

"Selling Pie La Mode"

You would sell more ice cream using this:

"Would you care for an order of vanilla or chocolate ice Cream on your pie"

Their mind goes to Vanilla or chocolate and nothing else. And the cash register goes ding ding ding.

Mcdonald uses the same thing on you in todays econonmy and cash register goes ding ding and ding again and again.:)


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