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September 19, 2006, 10:23 AM
This post is in response to Joetrevison’s post entitled “New Site found” and also a comment about Gordons post on $500 a day.

Joe said. . .
“Test your abilities I could only get 83% for my headlines. Anyone want to get 100% and tell me how. 83% is in the great copywriters category but that is not good enough for me.
http://www.aminstitute.com/headline/ “

Hi Joe, That challenge is easy. We can look at this post as an experiment and see how many views it gets It will be interesting to see if the EMV score of the subject line of this post match actual results by how many views it receives.

The headline analyser only takes into account the EMV score (Emotional Marketing Value ) but does not weigh in the other factors that would be involved.

I got a 100% EMV score on my first shot. . .

Just promise people what they want. The hard part is to deliver on it. But let me give you an example that could be tested. . .
The 100% Headline is just two words :) .....


Print "Free Money" on a button. Wear the button and when people ask you about it
hand them a Million Dollar Novelty Bill.

On the back of the bill print something like : Need More Money? Visit: http://www.Risingincome.com

But you had better be able to show them the money. In my case I set people up in their own low cost – high profit photography business and I teach them my simple system to earning $500 - $1,000 per day working part time photographing beautiful woman, babies and pets! Plus I guarantee results or I’ll refund them double their money back!

Gordon is right about hype. It does attract attention but does it work in the long run?

Gordon said. . . Joe Sugarman says "Do ____ dollar a day activities." Portrait Photography is just one of those activities that produce results for those who do it over and over again. And most of the testing to find out what works has already been done for those who wish to take advantage of it.

Gordon knows what he is talking about when it comes to Chatteling and he delivers too!

Here’s another example… on another forum last week I posted this headline. . .

Want To Be Rich??? - Watch This!

It only rates a 57.14% EMV Score but so far it has gotten more views than any of the other posts on the page. That should tell you something about what people want. But again you better be able to deliver real value to the marketplace because if you full of you know what people will throw stones at you - not money. And Joe… Elmer Wheelers “Tested Sentences” book that you deliver (good job) has a lot of value to those who read it and turns the information into real knowledge by Acting on it and testing – testing – testing until they discover what works best for them and then do more testing over and over again!

Steve & Susha Shulenski

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