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Dien Rice
September 21, 2006, 11:35 PM
When budding science fiction author JC Hutchins wrote his first book, he had no agent or publisher. Like many other authors, he faced an uphill struggle to get his book noticed - and to get people to want to buy it!

However, rather than hang his head in despair, he got innovative. He turned to the internet.

He started releasing his book serially (bit by bit) on the internet. However, instead of releasing it in "written" form, he released it as a "podcast" - that is, in verbal form! (If anyone wanted to "read" it, they still had to buy it...)

Now, he's about to release his second novel, and he's come up with another new way to promote it... As well as releasing it serially by podcast (like he did with his first book), he's also going to "launch" it - the way major books get launched. However, he's not doing it in the "real world" - he's doing it in a "virtual" world.

"Second Life" http://www.secondlife.com is a "virtual world" which a lot of people use. (It's not a "game" in that sense, though it can be one for some people.) JC Hutchins is going to "launch" his book there!

I don't know how well he's done with his techniques, however, I've read that his podcast has 10,000 listeners - which seems like a lot, if it's accurate. Perhaps there's something to this after all? :p

You can read more here...


Could this be the way of the future? Hmmm...

Cheers :)


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