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September 24, 2006, 06:35 PM
would use the blank space on the back.

If my listing sheet was for a $250k-$300K home, I would include 2 columns on the back.
The first column would have the photo and details (minus the property address) of 4-5 other comparable homes in the area that are on the market.
and the second would be an area to sell myself as the Realtor that the interested party should contact to help them search for their the home of their dreams.

Yes the home owner may object to having the other homes on the back, but once you explain that their home would be on the back of others as well it would increase their visability as well, they should calm down.
Obviously if they continue to object, don't include the homes on the back.

The goal of a Realtor is to move inventory and I want to do everything possible to get people that are looking for a new home into a Buyers agency agreement so I get PAID for my efforts.

I just don't understand why a Realtor would want to "muck-up" the back of a listing sheet with distracting ads that take away from their primary purpose and that is to have their name on as many closed deals as possible!

Don, I asked you earlier but maybe you didn't see it so I will ask again........

In the past few weeks that you have been doing this, what is it that keeps a Realtor from taking the things that make them ooh and ahh over your program and print them themselves minus the distracting ads?


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