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Bruce R
September 24, 2006, 04:57 AM
I also think Don's got an interesting idea for the Realtor Flyers....BUT, I don't see how the costs pan out to be profitable....

1. Most of the flyers in my area that RE agents provide in curbside boxes and other places are COLOR - at least the pictures of the property and interior rooms are usually COLOR. Ok, say even a small single office is currently carrying 50 listings.

Assume they go thru 20 sheets a week at display boxes and another 20 at a monthly Open House PER LISTING. That equals 100 FLYERS PER LISTING per month. Each flyer will be different on one side. Which means each printing/copying run will have no more than 100 before a different one is printed. ....so you will be printing 50 DIFFFERENT FLYERS on one side (and all the same ads on other)

Assuming color, what is this print job going to cost?... and this will be for JUST ONE OFFICE....

Even if you get 100 bucks per AD and sell 6 ads on the back of the flyer, it seems to be eaten up by the printing cost??

(100 2 sided color per listing per month X 50 listings (in example) = 5000 flyers for one office's listings. -You would need these thousands of flyers being distributed per month per office to get decent amount from each advertiser.)

Even black and white flyers would be costly because each one on the 'property description side' would be different.

Tell me what I'm missing?

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