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Bruce R
September 24, 2006, 03:09 PM
A couple of you have answered my earlier post about the costs - thanks....you've said just have the realtor staple their OWN PRINTED PROPERTY SHEETS to the AD sheet...OK, I got it...That would solve the high cost problem and personalization issues with the other approach re:printing.....BUT, what does the REALTOR get out of all this???

I thought the Realtor was not paying for anything?...we were supplying him/her with listing sheets with ads on back. We were to charge advertisers for the ads....all realtor did was distribute sheets.

Now, what you're saying is realtors still have to print their own individual property sheets in quantity, and now they have to staple OUR AD SHEETS to their sheets....all for WHAT????....why should they do ANY of this???

Are they now to SHARE in the AD revenue?
I can tell you the Realtors are NOT going to do this for nothing..


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