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September 25, 2006, 12:15 AM
I am interested in starting a placemat advertising business and am looking for any tips or advice on where to begin. I haven't been here in a long time but I remember the old forums had some good info on it so I am hoping this new forum is just as good. Anyone got any advice for someone just starting out? How do I sign-up a restaurant? How do I get advertisers? Any books out there to help me? I found a small ebook on ebay but the info is too general in nature. Where do I even begin? I just got back from a trip in Aroostook County Maine, waaaaaayyy up there, and these placemat thingies were everywhere. I figure I can do the same thing down here where I am in Mass. Anyone tried this before? If they are everywhere, surely people are making money. Help?!

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