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September 25, 2006, 11:16 AM
Greetings Group,

We always read about opt-in lists, mailing lists, email lists, but do you have a waiting list?

I stumbled onto having one, while promoting my mug program. I've always been taught that you don't want to keep a client waiting. If you do then you could lose the sale.

However, there are certain programs clients like, such as advertising exclusivity, that seem to have a positive draw to them, and that they are willing to wait for the opportunity to advertise and give you the opportunity to offer additional products or services to them, while they wait.

Let me explain.

I'm at the local hardware store, and in walks Bob Belflower of Belflower's Floors Direct. He was my first advertiser, on my first mug promotion, that's on the sample mug I send out, along with the home study course.

When he saw me, he called out that he needed to talk with me. So I went over to see what he needed.

Bob asked me if I was putting coffee mugs in restaurants in Polk County, that's the county north of us. I told him that there were 2 very busy ones on highway 17 that wanted them.

With a huge shout he says, "THAT'S HOW I"M GETTING BUSINESS UP THERE!"

"What do you mean?", I said.

"Woody, I don't advertise in Polk County, but somehow my name is getting out up there. I'm getting all kinds of floor jobs up there and I didn't know how people were getting my phone number", he says.

I then asked him if having the mugs up there is not where he wanted to advertise. He said he was trying to figure out how to start advertising in that area, but didn't like the different mediums offered and never considered the mugs. So he told me that when his ad is up for renewal, I need to stop by and get his check.

While this conversation is going on, a couple of other business owners I know have walked up and are listening to Bob and I, talking about his advertising.

Both of them wanted to know what Bob was referring to, so I went out to the van and brought in a sample and showed them. Immediately, they both liked the idea and wanted to know how they can get on my mugs.

I explained that all the advertising for this mug was taken but renewals will go out in January of 2007. Well these men wanted in on the program and each one handed me their business cards and said to put them on my waiting list.

That was the first time I experienced potential clients wanting what I have and are willing to wait months to see if they "MIGHT" get a chance.

Since then my waiting list has grown, and in the mean time, I've been able to offer those on my list other advertising promotions.

So I encourage all of you to try and build a waiting list, and while those on your list are waiting bring to their attention other products or services you offer.

From the Trouse
Woody Quiñones
ImpactYourArea.com (http://www.ImpactYourArea.com)

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