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March 25, 2010, 01:44 AM
This was a club of business people that had a newsletter every month. I search the web and even called the former publisher, they sold it but then it got sold again and no one knows what happen. Help. Does anyone know and had dealing with them recently. Thanks


I was a member back in the early 90's when it was mail order. It was good then, and I am sure it's good now. It's a different way of looking at life to maximize benefits. One example, I distinctly remember is THC talking about buying a car that appreciates in value as you drive it vs. the other way around. Most people accept depreciating cars as a fact of life. They talked about the value of buying a classic car, that only appreciates in value every year, even as you drive it. This is the kind of wisdom THC offer, but in many different ways. I recommend you accept that offer, it's a small amount of money to receive a new way of thinking that can and will benefit you if only for showing the door to thinking differently about value. Education is an asset, this one is cheap! -TDSR

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