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September 27, 2006, 10:31 AM
Dien has a movie of Elmer Wheeler in action, maybe we could post that at the SIZZLEMANSHIP forum.

Actually, we had lengthy discussions about all the Elmers (Wheeler, Leterman, Gantry) back in the old days...and I did a breakdown of Sizzlemanship with MODERN updates, in I believe, the Jim Straw Study Group (a lot of GREAT information in there).

Much of Wheeler's stuff was the forerunner of NLP, and his Wheelerpoints are still good starting points of salesmanship.

Elmer Leterman wrote two great books on selling; Commissions Don't Fall From Heaven and The Sale Begins When the Customer Says No. I consider them must reads for the salesperson.

I at one time had all of Elmer Wheeler's Books, including his travel and diet books, I just liked his writing style. I think, but won't swear to it, that I sold the last one last year...being the TOOPID guy that I am. But it was time to let go and move forward.

A study of the Elmers and all of Wheeler's POINTS would be good in the PERSUASION AND INFLUENCE forum, and I did write about this in Remote Influence.

IF you wanted to tweak and twist as Phil would say, Joe there is a FORTUNE (my definition: a ton of money) to be made by the person who takes Elmer Wheeler's Book on RELATIONSHIPS and updates it for today's INTERNET DATING times. It is on an equal par with Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Thanks Joe, we may, perhaps, explore the Elmers in depth at a new Seeds of Wisdom Publishing Forum...and sinde their work is, apparently, Public Domain, we could offer it for FREE to those that are interested.

Gordon (I ate the Steak cause I was starving, never heard the sizzle) Alexander

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