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September 27, 2006, 12:58 PM
It would be great to have a sizzleman forum. And talk about all the great old books. Because many are better than the newer ones. The newer ones are really in many cases old hat, for many of us.

He wrote one on his travels around the world and another and fullfilling your dreams. The best in my humble opinion is the two sizzle books. "Tested Sentences and "New Tested Sentences" I am delighted to be to sell them both.

You could not produce his works again for any amount of money. But we don't have it. These words and phrases still work today.

I am too busy promoting the book to do a forum that takes a lot of time. I sent up a forum for finders and no one posts so that is a full time promotion too. I just wish I were a clone.

I wanted people to just taste that first chapter and know how good it is for marketing and life in general.

I use one once that I don't if it is in his book but it went like this: "Get $50,000 just talking to people" It unfortunately was a mlm and they have their own problems. But this is not about MLM just words that sell like hot cakes. Elmer Wheeler did and thank for these books I read them again and again.

I would certainly post at sizzle forum. And help put all his books in pdf files.

He wrote a ton of them.

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