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September 28, 2006, 08:22 AM
Granny had a "secret" system...no, that was dumb luck. When you spend as much money as Granny does gambling...you're bound to get lucky once in awhile. I don't follow football but I do know enough to never take the Browns, no matter what the spread may be. HA!

No, my reference to a "secret" had to do with how much money these little football HOTSHEETS generate...although I have a clue...OHIO has another SCAM on the ballet, this one for slot machines at the horse tracks...the last SCAM we fell for was the Ohio Lottery, which was to shore up our schools (one of the worst systems in the country)...

Well, OHiO happens to be one of the most corrupt states, hey even our Governor is a crook....till Oct. anyhow.

A few years back they busted gambling here in Summit County, a guy in Tallmadge had MILLIONS OF DOLLARS stuffed in his freezer in his garage.

NO Kelly, I just wanted to talk to the "runner" for the sheets. Turns out HE ain't talking...and NOW, neither am I. Illegal gambling is a huge business that I know NOTHING about, and it looks like I'll remain ignorant on the subject.

But I do have one football tip, bet on the winning team. HA!


sorry for the confusion

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