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Steve MacLellan
September 10, 2015, 11:36 AM
According to W3schools.com, it shows for August, 2015, that 21.2% still use Firefox. Because of security issues, Firefox hasn't been supporting it the last couple of months or so. No idea when they might reverse this decision. For that matter, mobile devices such as tablets and cellphone users are outpacing desktop users. Some Android users can't view Flash content, and Steve Jobs hated Flash, so there isn't any support for it on iPhones or iPads.

You can find some stats on the amount of mobile users here:

So this pretty well limits you to two choices. Upload your videos to YouTube or some other subscription video services site that will automatically convert your video file in the appropriate format depending on the users system, OR use HTML5 video.

Html5 video relies on the video support being built into all browsers on desktops and mobile devices these days. At first it was very clunky and not well supported, but improvements in operating systems makes it a great option now.

One of the most important things to know about using Html5 video is that you need to tell the browser that the webpage they are looking at needs to be rendered as Html5 so you have to use the correct doctype declaration which is <!doctype html>

I'm not sure how html will be displayed on this forum so let me give you an example instead and you can use your browser's "view source" tool to see the markup.


Scroll down until you see the Video tag. Note that the mp4 video is the first in the list. If it isn't -- it won't work on Firefox. You'll also see there are two other video formats: .ogv and .webm. These are for other devices and browsers, not Firefox, but you need to include them too.

Note: Not all mp4 files will work. Mp4 is a wrapper (like a container) that supports more than one type of video format, so the Mp4 has to have a format that is supported by Firefox.

There is a free converter you can download to convert your video files into the correct formats with the correct file extensions here:

It will write the html markup for you as well, but use my example for your markup, not theirs. That page was hand-coded, and I know most people these days use Wordpress or some other type of visual editor so you don't have to deal with raw markup, but if you can read it... it will help get you started in the right direction.


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