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Bizcoach Dianne
October 11, 2006, 01:32 AM
Hi! I haven't visited in awhile - really like the new forum!

My question is regarding measuring the results of a promotional campaign when you have a limited budget for printing.

Here is the scenario...

Full-color brochures are to be used in this vacation activity promotion, and they are to be placed in various locations thoughout the state (welcome centers, rest stops, hotel lobby racks, etc.) and also used in different ways (rack cards, direct mail, inserts, etc.).

We want to measure the results of the various locations where the brochure will be placed/distributed but we can only print one run. Therefore, we can't use promotion codes or anything that requires more than one version of the brochure.

Using different paper is one idea if we were including a coupon with the brochure but a coupon is not planned at this time. What usually happens is the person picks up the brochure and then calls or comes by.

The person usually gets the brochure on the way to their vacation spot, so they don't have a chance to visit the website. It's a spontaneous decision to do the activity.

We know we could ask "how did you hear about us" or "where did you pick up our brochure?"

What other ways are there to measure the response rates of the various locations that the brochure will be placed? We are stumped beyond what's mentioned above. Any ideas?

Business Development Coach Dianne

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