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Duane Adolph
October 13, 2006, 11:41 PM
Hey Phil,

I had watched this video earlier today.

I found it very valuable. Especially for those that may suffer from information overload.

Outside of the 8 steps he identifies, I found some of the concepts and Ideas he shared to be of value.

I found myself Nodding profusely when he was talking about his debt and facing the reality of the numbers. (I've been screaming this to some friends of mine for years...LOOK at your NUMBERS)

One concept that struck me as "different" was when he mentioned that he does NOT make 5 year plans.

He said something like; "we overestimate how long something will take."

I've heard this before, but the WAY John said it was.

"...whether it takes 5 years or 5 months to reach your goal, the ACTION STEPS IN BETWEEN ARE STILL THE SAME"


The only question becomes how Quickly will you move through the action steps.

Well I have a bunch of other Takeaways, but I would love to hear anybody elses?

Duane Adolph

I'm sure many SowPubbers Know all about John Reese...

Whether you Do or you Don't...

Try and Take a 67-minute Coffee/Tea... Break and "carefully" Listen to REBOOT YOUR BRAIN! :)

And Share your Comments... Good, bad or whatever. ;)



Try not to Focus on John's new...

The Incredible Super-Duper Secret Project!

Now you have something to Do this weekend. :)

Have a Great one...


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