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October 15, 2006, 07:29 PM

Thanks for the great forum.

Your Opinion, please.

I'm sort of indifferent to cars. IF it has wheels, I'll drive it - is my attitude.

So I'm looking for some car buffs.

Lovers of Expensive cars to be exact.

Here's what it's about:

A client of mine has been asked by his Real estate investor BOSS to - "SELL MY ASTIN MARTIN."

So he calls me.

We brainstorm on the phone.

He wants to run ads in THE ROBB Report. Other hi-End spots.

He agrees to TEST the Ad - FREE of Charge - 1st.

So this DRAFT I - ad was created to DRIVE affluent prospects to a FREE WEbsite. (John will show the ad to) Rich guys he meets at detailing, custom shops, Up-scale parts stores, maybe an exclusive car wash.

Turns out
John has some rich
friends who spend
a lot of money. 1000's a mo - with GoGo Dancers at several Hi-End Men's clubs.

So he can get #1 Dancers at clubs to pose for photos next to the Astin Martin.

We figure these girls wouldn't mind F_R_E_E advertising among rich car owners, either.

Here's the ad - Whose ONLY goal is to drive guys to the website:

Wife Threatens Divorce-Must Sell New Astin Martin

My wife is Jealous of all the Hot Women
my Shiny Black Sex-Magnet-on-Wheels Attracts.
(I'm crying - Only 1 yr old - 2500 Miles.)

Go to SexMagnetOnWheels.com to see
4 Hot, 20 yr old Lap Dancers caressing the car.
GINA - (#1 Rated GoGo Dancer Club A) Blonde-Red Bikini - 36-26-36
Nicki - (Also #1 at Club B) Leggy Brunette - Yellow short shorts-Halter top-38-26-34
KAREN - (Tied for #1 Club C)- Cute Asian Girl - Blue Bikini-34--24-32
Kelly - (Rated #1 at Club D) Petite Redhead - Green Bikini - 37-26-36

Oh Yeah - I gotta sell this car or Lose 1/2 my net worth
in a Divorce. So you can get a Great price on an Astin
Martin. Details on the website. Thanks a lot - Frank

(We haven't created the website yet. Still on PHASE I - Testing.)

Question #1:

We're testing the above ad.

My guess is we may need to add some personal info about the girls. To get affluent car owners to CHOMP at the bit to get to the site.

What kinds of info should we include?

Question #2:

Should we Test - Small pics of each girl at the bttm of the ad? Then tell them to go to the site for the Full size photos?




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