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October 16, 2006, 09:49 AM
A doll maker. I find that interesting. DOLLS are huge business. I didn't know that.

And that's true of about all the little NICHES out there, and sub niches and sub sub sub, well, you get the pic.

But I found myself at a Doll Show this past weekend and I talked to people who MAKE dolls, SELL dolls, BUY dolls, Collect and trade them.

It is not my cup of tea, dolls and clowns creep me out, I don't know why.

Several months ago I did a RARE video, if you think I sound like a 97 year old scratchy throated old man on audio, then the video would probably give you a real scare (maybe I can sell them for Halloween?)...

The video was JOBS, BUSINESS and DANG MONEY. A project I'm working on this month.

I'm one of those people that think JOBS can be a good thing. May NOT be right for you Entrepreneur or Business types...but for most people, IF they find the right JOB (or Career), it can be a very rewarding experience.

People get paid to make DOLLS. Get PAID BIG MONEY TOO. They work for someone else (OH, not all of them, some are big enough names in their niche, they are independent from the big guys)...but those that do work for the MAN, enjoy their work and are compensated too.

But most people lack the skill or desire to pursue an UNUSUAL career, they just need a JOB to pay the bills and get the MAN off their backs. And MOST people don't have a clue as to how to get one.

I have a friend that was downsized after 26 years at the same company, and the company gave her a "parting gift" of a job search service and resume company. They paid for 16 hours of consultation.

After 16 hours she has one of the crappiest, crummiest, cruddiest two page resumes I've ever seen. And now her 16 hours have been spent, IF she wants to continue on, she has to pay.

MAN, what a crock these "consultants" have going. BUT they are booming in the businesses because these companies don't mind paying a couple of thousand of dollars to help a 26 year employee find a job at half her pay rate.

Folks, this is America as I type.

BUT, as I said in the VIDEO, there are plenty of "hidden" or behind the closed doors JOBS that are just waiting for you IF you know how things work.


Why don't we know how things work? Is it the fault of our educational system? Our parents (who probably don't know either)...our society? Government? Or ourselves?

And business. Did anyone see the show on customer service, I think it was 20/20 or Dateline (I get them confused)...but the jist of the story was that there IS NO customer service in America, or it is very rare and hard to find.

Maybe. Maybe not.

But WHY isn't there a good, practical school/course/workshop on the realities of starting and sustaining a business? Why so much HYPE and marketing?

Well, of course it is because en masse, we are lazy, follow the crowd sheep waiting to be sheered, flock of fleeceable wool over our eyes, want something for nothing yahoos. Now, of course, that isn't YOU or I.

We're not part of the flock are we?

I'm just wondering out loud. If you have any thoughts on JOBS, or on Businesses or on Just making some dang money, I'd appreciate your comments as I'm putting the pieces together for this project.

JOBS? Any thoughts?

BUSINESS? Any ideas? (OH, I know at least 3 people who will respond, ha!).

DANG MONEY? When you don't have or want a job or a business?

Thanks for your time and attention.

I'm SHOCKED at how much crapola is out there, and most of this from the GOVERNMENT and the quasi gov't agencies who are sucking up money from the Workforce Investment Act, one of the greatest BOONDOGGLES and misuse of our TAX dollars since...well since the JTPA...

MY OPINION, yours may vary.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. NO surprise that I like Chatteling for some Dang Money is it?

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