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October 19, 2006, 04:13 PM
body armor?

Rich Schefren has brought out his FINAL CHAPTER of the Internet Business Manifesto, and it is a great read, and you should read it (hey it's FREE).

In just a moment I'm going to explain why MOST of us should consider the ANTI Manifesto...not all, but most of us. But first,

in yesterday's Akron Beacon Journal was a story about Benjamin Suarez and his MILLION dollar contribution to the University of Akron, where a "marketing lab" will bear his and his wife Nancy's name.

In my mind that makes it practically OFFICIAL that Akron U. is now the PLACE to learn DIRECT marketing. Thanks to another MILLION dollar contribution from Gary Taylor a local direct marketer...the U of Akron is the place to be if you want a college education in direct marketing.

When I worked for Ben Suarez, one of our guys was teaching a class at Akron U. in direct marketing using Benís book; 7 Steps to Financial Freedom II as the textbook.

I was helping put together the Remote Direct Marketing Homestudy Course, for which I did the video introduction, which was wrapped around a seminar Suarez Corporation Industries (SCI) did at Walsh University where Ben recruited me from the stage to come work with him.

NOW, you wonít find a more comprehensive marketing book, in fact, MOST people think itís too comprehensive, much too involved. And complicated. Gosh, there are formulas and math and all that.

As I am typing this Iím looking at a copy of one of the NPGS Update Hotline newsletters, this one, issue 5930 on LIFETIME VALUE.

OK. In his FINAL CHAPTER, Rich gives us a shorthand version of the secrets he discovered at a 400 year old French castle. He says the two most important metrics to growing your business are:

Cost per acquiring a customer.
Lifetime customer value.

Ben Suarez built a 125 million dollar a year company (when I was there), and his brother Rick broke out and built his own 100 million dollar a year company, Fitness Quest, and his former COO, Rod Napier broke out of SCI and is on his way to building a 100 million dollar a year company, Universal Syndications.

And there are scores of small timers (like me) who have taken what they learned at SCI and did our own thing, NOT WANTING TO BECOME A MAJOR CORPORATION.

NOT everyone wants to build a huge company. Make no mistake, Rich Schefren plays with the big boys. Agora publishing is one of those big guys.

But you can take what he offers in the FINAL CHAPTER and use it to grow a spectacularly small organization using the same principles...now hereís the rub.

Agora, SCI, Fitness Quest and Uni-Syn just to name a few of the big players in Direct Marketing, all have people on their staff who actually UNDERSTAND the metrics.

And USE them.

At SCI, Ben Suarez keeps 30 years of promotions, not only his own, but also those of anybody who is anybody in direct marketing. In this issue of his newsletter Iím looking at shows a package from Publisherís Clearing House, where two different promotions arrived at the same house on the same day, one was addressed to the maiden name and the other to the married name, and so SCI is able to discern which is the control and which is the test.

Probably 20 to 50 people working there bring mail in every day.

MY POINT????? Richís MANIFESTO has one clear message in it (in MY opinion)...and that is on page 56 where he states:

ďRemember, in the online world, this stuff is advanced marketing, offline this is direct marketing 101.Ē

So, I think most people donít stand a chance of becoming WILDY successful (like an Agora or SCI), and it doesnít matter which guru they follow or which products they buy, because they arenít grounded in the basics of Marketing 101.

IF you do nothing else but study Richís FINAL CHAPTER, youíll have at least a good idea of how a small business (30 million) can rapidly grow (to 300 million)...IF you want to become a big business.

Iím not interested, my goals are somewhere between Entrepreneur and Opportunist as Schefren describes the two...and there are plenty of role models to find.

IF you donít belong to Bill Myers site, you are doing yourself a disservice, he provides one of the finest EXAMPLES of a Lifestyle business that MOST of us really aspire too. And YES, this is my affiliate link, so go now and pay the 9.95 to access some of the very best real world how to information available. OR, go ahead and build your 100 million dollar business like Ben Suarez did, and you too may have to have an ARMY (ok, he calls it a security force) to protect you, your family and your assets from the bad guys. I wish Ben, Rod, Rick, Rich, Will and Bill et al (You too) nothing but great success if you want to become a NAME Entrepreneur.

Iím just saying that not everyone wants to have a 100 million dollar company as a goal, or even a 30 million dollar one.

But there are people who are doing very nicely that us small potatoes folk might be better attuned to, and Bill Myers is at the top of the list.

Bill Myers Online (http://www.bmyers.com/index.cfm?affID=gjabiz)

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. If anyone is interested, I have the NPGS Update Hotline newsletters, that is, my PERSONAL copy, and I'm about to put it up on eBay. Let me know via email (don't post here) gjabiz@yahoo.com if you have any interest in them.

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