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Dien Rice
September 2, 2006, 08:05 AM
I tried to do a post. Had it all done, tried to post it. It came up with a message saying "Sandi Bowman username is already in use. If you are...etc...and forgot your password, click here.' I went up to the top right and filled in to login (I thought I read somewhere you didn't have to login?) and it threw me out of the forum. Just went to a blank page with done in the lower left corner. Think I lost the post when it did that.

Hi Sandi,

I understand why this glitch happened now...

You can post without being registered or logging in, but the "catch" is if you do so, you can't use the username of a "registered member".

That means, if you want to post under the same name you use as a member, then you have to log in - or alternatively, you have to modify your name slightly to post without logging in (eg. "Sandi Bowman." - the "period" at the end is sufficient to make it different!)

In a way, this is "good" - since no-one can "impersonate" your registered name as long as they don't know your password! On the other hand, it's a little bit of a hassle having to log in if you want to use that name...

My best suggestion right now - if you can't be bothered logging in - just add a "period" (or some other small character) to the end of your name and post that way!

Anyone have any other good suggestions regarding this?



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