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November 2, 2006, 02:45 PM
Thanks for doing something.

Seems to me you need to Run The Numbers.

At the current Rate, 55 Man Hours is giving you $480 - minus gas and bags - for an Hourly Rate of $8.77. With that kind of money, you are better off getting a job - or another part time job on top of your existing job. You'll make more money with less headache too.

To Boost Profits: Make sure one of the flyers in the bag is for your flyer delivery service. AND, if you sell a product or different service, make sure That is also a flyer - or on the other side of your flyer which advertises your flyers delivery service.

Thus, your thinking changes. You are spending time deliverying flyers for your other business - but - getting paid for it by businesses who also need flyers delivered.

Also know, you Will have a Constant Fight to get advertisers. Flyers are Not like local newspaper ads, where businesses just run them all the time. Businesses think of flyers as once or twice a year deals, or more intermittent and not regular like once a month. You need to know this, and what you are likely to face on a monthly basis, so you can make an informed decisions as to whether you want to continue this line of business.

As for appointments... Why are you making face-to-face appointments? Is it Just to Pick Up Flyers - or - is this a Sales Meetering where you Try to Convince the business owner to use your service?

Are you looking for this business to Replace your current income or be in Addition to it? If to replace, then why are you complaining about how long it takes to do the work? Because that would indicated you are not willing to spend as much time in your own business as you are working for someone else. Which is a fine way to think, if it urges you on to make the business more efficient for you. And is how most people tend to think of their sideline or income replacing projects - they are willing to work for someone else for less than they are willing to work for themselves.

If this business was how you imagine it to be... how would it be working? Would You still be deliverying or other people? If other people, how much would you be paying them? How much would you be charging the client? Why don't you charge the client that much right now?

Michael Ross

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