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November 8, 2006, 10:46 AM
I am requesting advice from the board. I am considering purchasing a CityAmerica site for my local area. I have made contact with CA with numerous questions. I would like to pick the brains of some of the experts on internet marketing.

According to City America, many companies are moving away from expensive print advertising and doing web advertising. City America has some unique web marketing tools. Companies can put add mini videos, they get an ad with a map with directions, a spot for a coupon, restaurants can put their entire menu online. Businesses can also include photos or even write ups.

Checking Alexa you can see that many of these City America sites have thousands of daily visitors. Some of the sites are very interesting and provide lots of local information. I am wondering about selling ad space on net sites. What are the major differences between selling ads for print and selling ads for a website?

I am thinking that if the site contains valuable info then it can draw traffic and advertisers would purchase ad space if the price is right. Personally, I have a few sites that I look at daily but I must say that I never look at the advertising. Now when I read a newspaper or magazine, I will read the ads. Maybe my mind is just trained this way from print being the main method of advertising for so many years? This is just me but is this the general consenus? Please provide any insight regarding the web ads vs the print ads...Or does anyone know of anyone that owns a local community site (not necessarily City America) that is having major success?

The only overhead is the hosting fee of $59 per month. A few ads could cover that price if ads can be sold.. Your thought and opinions will be greatly appreciated. I will take all the good and the bad with this concept.

Thanks, MC

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