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November 10, 2006, 10:16 AM

Yes, I had a similar experience.

I paid another co-op registration service, with a fantastic reputation and tons of testimonials.

Initially they delivered as promised, then my payments exceeded the delivery, since I was being automatically billed monthly. I wrote to customer service several times saying that I was not getting what I paid for, but nobody bothered to reply. However, after I got frustrated and cancelled my service, I received lots of invitations to get help.

The list I got was remarkably unresponsive. And the drop-out rate was high.

I think I still have a business because I had originally built my list the old-fashioned way, using JV ventures and posting articles.

But now even though I have doubled my list size, I have not enjoyed the benefits of having a bigger list.

I really wanted co-op lists to work, because it puts the entire e-business model on autopilot. But, the quality is really low, a lot of the emails are hotmail and yahoo and don't even get your emails, and the drop-out rate is high as well.


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