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Duane Adolph
November 18, 2006, 03:32 AM
SO...What Really "Pisses Off" the Richest Man In The World??

O.K now that we got a little personal Mr. Gates...

Tell Me...

"What was YOUR Defining Moment where you just KNEW...
that you were going to change the world with Microsoft??"

"Tell Me Mr. Gates What would you say to GOOGLE RIGHT NOW if they were sitting here??"

O.K I got another question...

"What REALLY made WINDOWS so POPULAR?? No seriously! I wanna know from YOUR perspective and NOT what I read in the papers?"

O.K enough from you Mr. Gates...I wanna hear from HIP ICON JAYZ now....

Hey JAY-Z!!

"What do YOU AND Mr GATES attribute to being so GREAT AT WHAT YOU DO??"

"Aiight" That's Cool...

"So what is the ONE PRINCIPLE that you have built your $300 million fortune on ??"

You Got a Clothing Company...Own Part of an NBA franchise...are a HIP HOP LEGEND"

...HECK You are Dating BEYONCE...!

Lemmee repeat..

... YOUU are daaating BEEEEYONCE...!!
...and You
...Well YOu AIN't NO Denzel Washington so how did you pull that off"

"Common Man! What is THE SECRET to living YOUR LIFESTYLE...???"

Law of Attraction??

(DTC) Discpline, Thought, Control??

What is YOUR secret??


Hmmm I see......

Well Thanks for sharing with me Jay-Z ...

But Now I GOT a Question for Mr. Stengel.

Stengel Who??

Mr. Jim Stengel "Global Marketing Marketing Manager" from Proctor and Gamble...

Actually I have another TOP 10 Marketing ELITES that I wanna ask question on about LEADERSHIP, MARKETING, BRANDING and the FUTURE OF THE WEB!

So that said, I wanna invite my SOWPUB friends to JOIN in the EVENT...

One of the Best resources I've seen in a looooooong time.

Just in case they have NOT seen this yet :->



Duane Adolph


"Next Time Bill I EXPECT my Invitation to be delivered in Person" :->:)

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