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Steve MacLellan
November 24, 2006, 10:48 AM
Even though the internet is worldwide, marketers pay attention to the US market because of it's size.

Since 90% of my client base is US, holidays do make a difference in my line of work. In Canada, our Thanksgiving was last month, but I didn't get to take a long weekend -- had clients sending me work.

This week, I've had several US clients email me and tell me that they were taking Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, but I'm still getting work from Canadian clients and ones from the UK and New Zealand.

I don't mind...

But when the summer comes, and I want to spend the weekends at the cottage, I have a mailing list that I put all of my clients on. I typically send out an email Friday mornings that says: "I'm leaving for the weekend in 3 hours. If you got something that just has to be done, you'd better get it to me quick. Otherwise... I will be back Monday around lunch time. AST!"

The point is, when you work for yourself, you're free to define your own holidays.

Now granted this doesn't sit well with everyone.

I had one client email me and tell me that this was unacceptable. He said he wanted me available 24/7 and wanted my cell phone number. My reply was short and to the point. It said: "See 'ya!"

Those of us who are in the "service industry" like I am, need to set some boundaries with our clients. I worked seven days a week for the first 5 years in this business and it cost me my friends, my marriage, and my social life. It just ain't gonna' happen anymore.

Steve MacLellan

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