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December 4, 2006, 02:32 AM
Standing in my local Barnes and Noble last night, picked up the latest People magazine while waiting for my husband to check out. Came across this: "Enterprising moms--and one dad--strike it rich"--several stories in one article about parents who thought up an idea to solved a kid-related problem or need, and it turned into a business:

1. A woman who didn't like square/rectangular diaper pads (or a big bulky diaper bag when she just needed a couple of items on a trip to the grocery store). How would you solve this problem? See what she came up with (www.patemm.com).

2. A dad who didn't like "girly-looking" diaper bags: take a look at www.diaperdude.com

3. A mom who started creating personalized name books (the ones that have your kid's name inserted throughout a story), but this one has a twist: the story has animals that build your child's name, letter by letter.

4. A mom who wanted African-American themed decor for her baby's bedroom started her own line of curtains, bedsheets and wallpaper.

Sorry, can't remember the last 2 websites...check out the People this week with Prince William on it. I love stuff like this--it makes me go through the day with this question in the back of my mind: "What problem could I solve with an idea?"


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