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December 7, 2006, 11:13 AM
all this activity. We'll get to this in just a second...but first;

down the road a crew of 7-9 guys are putting on a roof. It is the second day, and they will finish it...I think all told, they spent ONE day of time on it.

In my youth, before I became so tired out, I did roofing (and insulation, can you imagine Rock Wool blown into FL ceilings from the inside in the middle of the summer? a big reason I got out of that stuff)...

anyhow, me and Carl Stevens worked for Karate George, a guy here in Akron who had one of the first Karate studios in Kenmore, and he was a roofer, as well as a virtuoso violinist...and a Black Belt to boot,

But it took both of us TWO days to roof houses twice the size of the one down the street...

NO point to this story, I'm just, in my own way, whining about today's labor force and how HARD we old timers had it...HA! Don't even get me started on the walking to school in the snow part of it...

Those HARD chores of my youth, including just getting up for school...seem like distant pleasures compared to getting this dang affiliate program set up. Well friends, except for the cleanup, picking up the old shingles, a few nails, replanting a couple of flowers (some editing, grammar, spelling errors that I probably have missed)...

I'm DONE. It's DONE. My simple little guide on how to get started Chatteling has become a 117 page oeuvre, since adding the Bonus Blurbs.

The affiliate thing has been a lesson, I could write a book (BUT I' ain't gonna) about the Snafus along the way.

It is FINALLY listed at paydotcom.com as a two tier affiliate program, 50% on the front side, 15% on referrals If interested search chatteling at that site. I'm not here to promote this thing...but if that is what happens, OH WELL.

Why are some things so DANG hard? Gosh, I have most of the guru's work, they say it is easy, claim I can do it practically OVERNIGHT... I need to find that FedEx guru who can deliver what he promises when it absolutely, positively HAS to get there tomorrow...


Honestly, I can't remember working so HARD on something for such a long period of time, all the while wanting to MOVE on (or move back in some cases) to other things...

IF you have purchased the Chatteling GUIDE since October 1, then you should know the UPGRADE version, the FINAL version is available for you to download for FREE in the GJA Chatteling Forum.

The promotion will continue to be worked on, names added (or taken off) and more chatteling success to be told, but for now, it is IN FORCE...and if you want to see it, that would be chatteling2 dot com.

Things Take Time. TTT. Some poet, I think named Hein?? said that.

I'd like to UPGRADE IT. Internet Things (the quick and ez to do kind) Take TIMMMMMMEEEEE.

But, if you don't get started, you won't get anything. It has been over a year I believe since a lady posted about NOT getting started, and I responded with my HOTSHEETS post, sent out over 3,000 hotsheets to over 900 people to see.

A few have DONE something. One I'd like to point out. Alan Bullington started with a HOTSHEET. I liked the idea that he did something.

So we started having conversations. I prodded, pushed and cajoled Alan into SHARING with the world, some of his incredible knowledge about craft and art fairs and making soap, as well as his "country" lifestyle.

I'm happy to point you to THEIR site, because the whole family is involved in this...


BUT, I'm going to tell what is WRONG with this site too.

See, I've got the kit. Got some of the soap (best I've ever used, and friends have told me that too). I've got his catalog. His promotions he used to sell over 35,000 bars of homemade soap at craft fairs and art shows.

I've seen the HOTSHEETS from day one to this wonderfully UNDER PRICED product that is now available. My opinion Alan,

it is priced to low. But test it out. Also,

The real value of this kit, IN MY OPINION, is not about making soap or anything else...it is in the MARKETING of a home made craft or artwork.

These people are the real deal, they've done it. And he shares his marketing material with you, and it has WORKED. This kit is for anyone who really wants to know

HOW TO MARKET ANY HOME MADE CRAFT OR ART and do it with success.

My sister Rue is one of the best Tole Painters in S. FL, and I'm going to have her get this kit, not that she needs any help in selling stuff, she can't keep up with her one of a kind art work...but she helps on a newsletter that goes out to crafters all over the world, many of them would pay 10 times the cost of this kit for this kind of tested and proven information.

I just want to say thanks to Alan, (and to Pete and Skip and others too) who actually DO something.

I'd like to hear from that lady who posted last year, I wonder if she DID anything, created a lowly HOTSHEET, or went chasing after the next big thing on the Net. Hey lady, you can always become my affiliate and sell the Beginner's Guide to Chatteling...may even make a buck or two doing it.

Thanks for your time and attention, now I'm gonna take a snooze...OLD guys are entitled to that, ya know?


PS. If you do read the promotion for Chatteling and find spelling or grammar or html errors, please let me know. I'll get around to fixing em soon.

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