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Sandi Bowman
December 7, 2006, 11:45 PM
Here's the scenario I got forced into and I sure as heck DON'T like it!

I purchased a product on one of those promotional things. Paid for it via Paypal. Was NOT sent to a download page but instead was sent to Spam Arrest and told to agree to their TOS...no way said I! So, I tried to send an email to the seller to let them know I cannot, in good conscience, agree to SA's TOS and to please send me the download link or refund my money. SA got in the way again and I have no way to contact the seller.

Note that this forced agreement came subsequent to the purchase...there was NO MENTION of Spam Arrest prior to purchase. This, IMHO, smacks of fraud...especially since I was left no way to contact the seller to get a download link of a paid for product nor to request a refund.

I did unsubscribe from his list and will not have anything further to do with anything he's involved in. Danged shame. Nice kid except for this insane 'protecting myself from spam' crapola. All he needs to do is get a GOOD ISP who knows how to handle spam or his own filtering system with some intelligence behind it.

It's not the money...very minimal amount...it's the aggravation and waste of time that tees me off. It was too late for Paypal to help by time I found out he wasn't going to respond.

How would you handle this type of thing if the amount made it worthwhile pursuing? It could happen again and I'd like to be prepared.


Sandi Bowman

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