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December 14, 2006, 01:18 PM
Could be my learning style, or lack there of. But I just can't do online tutorials, not even flash ones like at www.demoplaza.com (http://www.demoplaza.com)

I don't like DVD's, or audios for that matter. What I find useful are the BARSHEETS that Phil pointed out below;

Something like this one: http://www.barcharts.com/default.asp?page=chart_details&gid=2&pid=718-4 for Adobe Photo Shop 7 and/or

http://www.barcharts.com/default.asp?page=chart_details&gid=2&pid=581-5 this one for a home based business.

What I want is one (or a series of them) for Cpanel. Someone could watch the flash videos at demoplaza.com and with some screen captures (NOT of their video, of the Cpanel itself on your website)...and a little editing, you could produce these on demand. I'd BUY it now.

Also, the same thing for Word Press. Although I've just ordered the book WordPress 2 Visual Quick Start Guide. I'll probaly just tear the pages out. But I'd prefer a nice laminated copy to keep in a 3 ring binder next to the computer.

Years ago, we were able to download the FLOW chart from SCI, which would make great HOTSHEETS too, so you could check off your product development and SEE where you stand.

OK, where do YOU go, if you do, to get a REVIEW of information, and especially marketing and internet HOW TO...before you buy?

OR do you buy first and ask questions later?

Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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