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December 31, 2006, 10:20 AM
although WE will monitor the AD part of it, so get offended if you post an ad and it gets deleted OK? Be smart, sort of like me, and put your ads in a friendly Happy New Year wishes post...he he.

OUT WITH THE OLD/ IN WITH THE NEW and Prospering with JOY in 2007.

Do you have goals? Most people I know in the 'real' world do NOT. They have resolutions which more than likely will be forgotten by March. In my New Year's work http://www.tinyurl.com/y3tuw5 HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN IN 2007 I spend some time discussing this. (See how the ad thing is done...he..he...although I may get zapped too)

Many people spend more time planning their vacation than they do their lives or businesses.

First OUT WITH THE OLD. Get rid of the baggage and the old stuff, just don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. I'll be moving on, literally, away from the Internet desk to the wide open spaces of America. Some of the things I've done will just fade away into oblivion, and some of it belongs there too.

SOME things, like my HOTSHEETS report will live on through other people...

And that is a good thing. Most of my videos, audios and worksheet products will go up on the shelf for my children to clean out some day.

This is the time of the year to make those choices, to get organized (at least for a week or two), and to focus on the activities that will take you to your goals...if you have any.

In with THE NEW. What is your NEW? OH feel free to share some of the OLD with us too...you may make an 11th hour sale.

Some NEW will be OLD. What the....?????

Yea, soon we will see a THROWBACK business that earned millions of dollars for its participants, a pre Internet way of prospering at the speed of thought and action...should be out, perhaps, in January...I'm very excited about this one.

MY new will be an RV adventure, and be careful, I may be pulling into your driveway in the near future. Golf. Fishing. Photography. Maybe a casino now and then, simply whatever I feel like doing. I know I'll be chatteling, locking up some TOLL positions and networking too.

MY goal (or plan if your prefer) is to be in OK in August for the PGA Championship...about the time little Tiger Woods will be born...and from there to other FUN events.

So again, I ask...do YOU have written goals? A plan of action for 2007?

OK, take advantage of this ONE day only free for all (until Dien says it's over...which could be right after he reads this one...)

and share with us some of your Wishes, Goals, DESIRES, and whatever for the last chance of 2006.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. OH, today is the LAST day to take advantage of Leo Quinn's offer for getting all those great bonuses when you give him some feedback on the Chatteling report, and it is also the last day for the "Friends of Gordon" discount too. http://www.chatteling.com/b/gordon/

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