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Dien Rice
January 2, 2007, 09:42 AM
If you want to influence more people, be sure to check this out...

Bill Bernbach was one of the advertising greats. His agency produced some of the classics of advertising - that are still used as "examples" to learn from today!

For example, the classic ad for Volkswagen...


(Read the copy here... http://www.powerwriting.com/vw-lemon-ad.html )

Another classic ad they came up with was this one...


To see a bigger version so you can read it, click here (in PDF format, around 400 kb)... http://video.mww.com/clients/avis/e-kit/2003/Avis_is_only_No2.pdf

That ad was created in 1962. Over 40 years later, Avis is still using the "We Try Harder" slogan created by Bernbach!

Bernbach and co. knew how to get people's attention and hold it, and make sales too...!

You can see more of their ads here (http://www.ciadvertising.org/studies/student/98_fall/theory/weirtz/doyle.htm) and here (http://www.ciadvertising.org/studies/student/98_fall/theory/weirtz/classic.htm)...

Now, you can also read the words of a genius... You can get a copy of "Bill Bernbach said..." (quotes from Bill Bernbach) here in PDF format (265 kb)... http://www.rm116.com/adcenter/files/bb_quotes.pdf

I've found many of his quotes inspiring and useful... I hope you do too! :)


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