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Don Alm
January 22, 2007, 10:18 PM
The "number" in my post above should be "$75/Mo"! I made a typo. When I did a "test" fax to 300 local businesses, professionals and doctors and dentists I found that "$75/mo FOR 100 new Resident Name & Addys" was the "Magic Number".

Some months the number (in the zips I was working in) went to 128 or even 136 one month....but....I maintained the "agreed upon price of $75".

And....my "backend" was...."I" would dothe PostCard Mailing FOR THEM.... for...$175 a month....which most of them opted for.

I made up Samples of the Cards I was offering them.....AND....I included a "Frig Magnet"....in the package sent to the New Residents. They especially LIKED the "Frig Magnets".....which they felt would STAY on the New Resident's Frig for a long time.....getting them MANY MONTHS of "exposure".

I used the "Magnet Sheets" that can be run thru an inkjet printer. I bought the Magnetic Sheets wholesale and cut them to the size I wanted.

Makes for a NICE...easy....Home-Based.....money-maker.

Go to Staples and get some of their "Magnetic Sheets" and experiment with them. They can NOT be run thru a Laser because the Laser gets toohot. I ran mine thru a cheapie HP Inkjet. Worked fine.

Put the "package" in a nice envelope with GOOD Graphics on the front and you will have a "winnah"!

Don Alm

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