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Don Alm
January 22, 2007, 09:14 PM
...Your Response;

"Now that is where the problem comes in. He just canít seem to get going. He has tried many different programs and none have worked for him. Why, I donít know the real answer but I can guess what the problem is.

My guess would be he has not focused on one program long enough for it to start paying off. Then just lately he sent me this email."

I am sorry....I do NOT believe he has NOT STARTED A SINGLE ONE of your programs! IF....he had tried....even ONE....he would've GAINED SOME MUCH NEEDED FIRST HAND "EXPERIENCE"....that would've given him the "Results" of his FIRST TEST of .....ACTUALLY....trying!

MOST "Business Report Buyers" do NOT even TRY!

They see the NEXT "Make Money From Home" offer and.....as long as the Report is less than 39bux....they buy it. Then...when they see WHAT is involved....they HOLD OFF....because IT involves...."LEAVING THEIR COMFORT ZONE"!

So....because they do NOT want to "leave their COMFORT ZONE"....("Hey Man! This thing means I gotta do some WORK!") ....they let the Reports they've bought....gather dust on the shelves above their Keyboard...and continue to "HUNT" for the "REAL EASY"....."BESTEST IN THE WESTEST" way to make money from the "comfort of their Keyboard".

I asked a buddy of mine, recently, when he showed me all the "Money-Making Stuff" he's bought....WHAT one have you tried?.....and...."WHY did you buy all this stuff?"

His answer was (I believe a TYPICAL response)...."I LIKED the Sales Letter!"

So...as a "Seller of Reports"....expect 99% of your buyers to NOT do a thing with your stuff.

And....DO NOT let this "bother you"! YOU have done "your job" by providing WHAT you said you would provide.

Don Alm

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