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February 23, 2007, 12:24 AM
My daughter, like most teenagers, expect their parents to hand over the dough. NOT ME! I do not believe you should give your children money. If you want it you must put forth some effort to earn it. Period!

Thanks for adding "Period!" at the end of your paragraph. Unfortunately - you went against your beliefs and gave money to your daughter when she did no work.

As Jason posted - it would have been a better idea if you would have given Her a copy of your home study course and guide her make money using that idea.

You could have even documented the idea and what your daughter does and used it as a case study to sell more copies of your course in the future.

There are no downsides with that idea and a valuable lesson for your daughter.

Instead, by discounting - you potentially made a few people who paid more for your product angry / dis-satisfied and got people questioning your intent on 2 business forums that you frequent. Very relevant downsides imo.

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