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February 24, 2007, 08:30 PM
Dear Bob,


#1 - You could skip the flyer. Stand at the door of Wall-mart on Fridays and Saturdays. Help people haul their repair junk to the car.

THEY REALLY Need help.

Ask a few SAVVY questions. Prove you know more than they do.

YOU are hired.

#2 - A mentor discovered a hidden niche of RECENTLY RICH folks (In any town or city) who have Just this Second inherited OLDER houses, barns sheds, garages full of stuff.

(I sell the HOT leads - people with 2 houses to pay for sell one fast) to #1 realtors and top mortgage brokers. Owners of local auction houses etc.)

Send them a post card - then call.

Dear Frank Smith,

Thanks for being a great neighbor.

One of your neighbors told me you might be able to use my experience as a Do-it-yourselfer. I have Testimonials from customers.

IF you need painting, roofing, new locks, plumbing, carpentry and simple electrical repair... please call - Bob at ___________ .

Bob McAlister

P.S. - I also have a pickup truck if you need things hauled away. Or taken to Goodwill. I'll call you to double-check.

#3 - You know how much FUN it is to CONTROL the sales process.

Instead of WAITING for them to call.

You call them.

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