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March 28, 2007, 03:27 PM
While I'm still at periscope depth and can communicate with the outside world...some thoughts.

I drove up Ira Rd. the other day on a journey to gander a look at LeBron James' new 35,000 sq. ft. home...being built on the site where he paid over 2 million dollars for a 12,000 sq ft home just so he could tear it down...

And somewhere out in the fields of Hale Farm and Village I saw Gary Halbert...or a person that resembles him...having never met the guy, I have to go by pics online. I always get inspired driving that way, there is this huge mansion that sits up above the old house that started it all for Gary.

Anyhow, it must have been the ghost of Gary Halbert, perhaps lurking in the old hood and laughing at us suckers still living around here...

Now how does this all tie together? Perhaps it doesn't.

But I couldn't help but think of Gary, who, in spite of leading you to believe otherwise, really WORKS and has studied his craft...and put his TIME in to his work.

I saw LeBron play in junior high school, an old classmate of mine, Coach Meneer, was at St. V's when LJ was in jr. high. LeBron is gifted...but he has/had a great work ethic...and is a student of the game.

He has mastered the fundamentals and is on his way to NBA greatness.

OK? So Gary Halbert WORKS? Yes he does! LeBron WORKS? Yes he does!

Radio Shack? It, in my OPINION, doesn't work. I tried working there over the holidays two years ago, and it was such a dreadful experience...that was TWO CEO's ago. Now I love the concept of Radio Shack...I grew up and worked in Olson's Electronics, sort of the Akron version of RS...and I loved gizmos and electronics.

Here is what RADIO Shack has to do if it is to survive...and how it relates to Gary Halbert and LeBron...

Every single corporate executive and every single board member has to put on a trainee shirt and spend a full week shadowing the salespeople in the store...to learn about their customers. They have to get away from marketing gurus, and quit trying to buy a quick fix...and get back to serving their customers...but they don't have a clue who they are.

OK. That's my quick one week FIX that will save an American Icon...you and I know they won't leave the ivory towers...and so I give em about 18 months before they disappear off the TX landscape faster than Enron execs can say; "I didn't know what was going on...don't blame me."

This goes to my somewhat curt responses that I've rec'd some nasty email about....and quite frankly Scarlett...well, you know how the line goes.

For over 35 years I've spent money, went out of my way to study, to learn from...to get the goods from the people who were actually doing it...and like many others have spent my own fortune on books, courses, programs etc. Jim Straw and Dean DuVall could probably find my name on their old mailing lists in the 60's and 70's...as could 101 other markerters.

So I'm a little tired with people who come here with their head's up someone else's azz... I see a guy with one head and 6 legs...I bet you even know whose head it is...cause every time he shows it, his buddies, who have to sniff every fart he lets...are right behind him...

Had to actually BANISH one...some people are in for a rude awakening when it comes to being able to say anythng you want on these forums.

But again, tie it together?

I'm WORKING on a project. I know a lot about it, may be one of a handful of experts in the world on this subject...yet, it is WORK. Hard. Tedious. Hard (did I mention that?) mental activity.

But if I don't do it right, I won't get paid.

There are YOU who come here and other forums, and you KNOW all the gurus, you have the books and the courses too, you KNOW about marketing etc. YOU need to go to Gary Halbert's site and read his newsletter about the difference between knowing and experiencing...and I'm not even going to provide your lazy azz a link to it.

Radio Shack is going to disappear because of the laziness of it's management to get out into the field and to really connect with their customers...

LeBron is going to be a SuperStar for years to come because he WORKS hard (and soon will have the space he needs to relax or bowl a game or two in his basement)...

And Gary Halbert, despite what his personna says otherwise, is going to work HARD on his next project...yea, it may only be a half hour of work...but he has his time put in the DOING part of it...

You want the SECRET to more productivity, to sales, to marketing...try WORKING at it.

OK, I'm going to crusie depth now...will lose radio contact soon...OOOOGAH....OOOOGAH...Dive...Dive.

G. Jay Alexander

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