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April 4, 2007, 03:20 AM
Walked into a fruit shop. An Independent one. I'd been there before. Ages ago (about 8 months). Had bought some Apples and one was bad and had Asked them if they had a Money Back Guarantee on Bad Produce. I was told it was "luck of the draw" and decided Not to go back there again.

Today (8 months later), while passing and knowing I needed some Oranges, I quickly grabbed a bag off of the Display Rack out front, without properly looking at the price, just seeing it out of the corner of my eye.

At the register the woman said, "That's $3.50 thanks." I knew it was NOT $3.50 and innocently Asked, "Didn't the sign say $3.45?"

Wow. You would have thought I called her a bad name or something. She said, in a terse sacractic smart ass manner, "Well actually it says $3.59. So that's $3.60. There, the price just went up, what do you think of that then?"

Calmly in a neutral tone, "I don't want them then thanks."

Angrily, "Well don't come back!"

Nonchalantly, "Don't worry, I won't" and left. Puzzled. Innocently Asked a question and copped abuse. Oh well. Two bad experiences teaches me, not to go there even in passing when I am there and it is convenient. And to keep going to the out-of-the-way fruit shop I go to.

Reminds me, in an odd way, of when I was waiting to turn a corner behind a car. We had to wait for oncoming traffic and that's cool. Calmly waiting and suddenly, as the women in front gets a gap to drive through, she turns, looks at me, and flips me the bird agressively before driving through the gap. I just chuckled in disbelief at the odd behavior and went about my business.

What oddness or jerkness have you encountered this week? Could be interesting/funny to read. Lessons in not what to do.

Michael Ross

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