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April 30, 2007, 06:37 PM
posters? just curious ...

also , want to make a million ? help me locate a key industry to locate in the delta of missisisisisisiiiisippii ...where the labor pool is unlimited and untrained, with little education or resources.

seriously ....

we have a Nissan plant , that we paid 200 million to 'help'...help Nissan , jeez

a toyota plant ....seems to be able to get about 80 million in 'help' to start the plant ...

meanwhile, the 500 million in FEMA funds for the dislocated of Katrina are still locked up in the local banks...think those bank guys want to let go of all that mooolah ?

and, 13399 days after Bush declared victory in Irag, the price of gasoline is verging on 3 bux a gallon...still no protests...although I did participate in a small gathering of us , war protestors over the week end...parade permit required...

what a life ...

so ...

let me know what ya think ..and how we can 'help' out the delta ...

bob a rinsky
part time brain surgeon
full time participant in the wonders of nature ..or
can people really be that damn stupid ?

here is YOUR sign ...love that guy ...

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