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May 2, 2007, 11:49 AM
hi bob and thanks for asking ...

how long have you been selling onlline ? went to your site and was amazed at the product, since you seem to be looking for a life goal...

at any rate, what I have done is to list the 10 favorite 'things to do ' in my life ..

list the 10 happiest times in my life ...

my hobbies and spare time activities...

using these as a guideline, I am working to combine as many of those 'things' into my life work as is possible...

also, have listed the 10 most avoided activities ...these would indicate to me areas where I need to challenge myself and pursue some correction ..


I am , dont know the word exactly , confused when people 'discover' the solution to a life problem , stress release, goal setting, life moments....then go out , make a set of cd's and sell the damn thing...

IF YOU have a solution to a REAL life problem, I...many the only one if the world...feel that you are obligated to GIVE it away to as many people as you possible could... talk about 'paying if forward'

said the same thing to a guy who knows how to cure cancer with his vitamin protocol...just imagine how many people he would have as customers if he gave the system away for free...

anyway, thanks for posting and good luck to ya

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