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May 10, 2007, 11:13 AM

getting really philosophical and all...

I was 'amused' when ol George declared that GOD told him to save the Iraqi people ...and we should go blow the place up in HIS name...hmmmm

on the other channel , Saddam was telling his folks that ALLAH had directed him to oppose the in invasion ...

both guys talking to their GODS....who control the destiny of men.

anyway , my original point ....and the PIECE part of it ...was the fragmentation of the world society due to everyones pursuit of HIS/HER happiness at the cost of someone else's 'happiness'...

and the fact that the 'activities' listed are very seldom achieved by ME...sure that some of yall have the fragmentation firmly together...

but that the dog has these activities as a way of life ...

unfortunately, I agree with Michael...as long as ANYone wants his or her happiness at the expense of someone else ....there will be fragmentation.

until the INDIVIDUAL person has as her mission the happiness of other people as the definition of HER happiness the splits will occur..and, having know several women with that attitude of 'service', they eventually get tired of giving and not getting back.

thanks for the thoughts


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