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May 10, 2007, 03:19 AM

Thanks for linking to the Robber's Cave.

World Peace is NOT possible, nor should it be a Wish of anyone.

I'll get back to that, but first The Robber's Cave.

While the groups did Kind of Merge in the end, it required a Constant Problem to bring them together. In their case it was Real.

We have this same thing going on now. Countries, such as the USA, use a whole bunch of Imaginary Hobgoblins to Bring the country together. From non-existent HIV/AIDS and SARS to War On <s>Action</s> Terror and other Phoney stuff.

Political parties cement their Side by Blaming the other side, or those who came before. Blah blah blah.

When situations Constantly change, and over a period of time, those groups of boys Would have segmented again. And a more rigid Heirarchy would have appear. Some boys would have become Bullys.

And this is why World Peace is NOT possible. Because there are those who think it is fine and dandy to Take, Steal, Rob and Coerce members of their own country and entire other countries, for their own gains.

Your Saddams, Mugabes, Hitlers, et al, are Prime examples of this. Of living off of the efforts of others. As long as That exists, then World Peace is NOT possible. And as ALL "democratic" government works this way, then as long as there are "democratic" governments - or socialist or communist - World peace is not possible.

Why should World Peace NOT be wished for? Because it becomes a wish to control other people instead of leaving them be.

By wanting World Peace you are wanting all those who do Not want world peace, to change to suit you.

This world is the sum of its inhabitants. The mindless mind. A world Not in peace is the result.

If you want world peace, then Create your own world with Global Peace as its main principle. But don't wish to Force it onto others.

Michael Ross

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