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June 2, 2007, 03:17 PM
Greetings Group,

Throughout my life I have found a paradox in business. By giving away more of what I have to offer, always increases my revenues dramatically, but I don't usually notice it right away.

Let me explain.

When you look at an item that you are trying to sell, whether it be digital or tangible, it would appear that you cannot get anymore for it, then it's current value.

Well this past week, I stopped in at a new car dealership, that I've been wanting to do business with for over 3 years. They buy and giveaway tons of promotional products. The company they deal with is about 500 miles away.

So I'm showing the general manager my new car dealer catalog, that offers items such as key tags, pennants, banners, pens & etc. The GM sees the pennant streamers and asks me if I install them.

(Streamers and pennants are plastic runners you see above a car lot that gives it a grand opening look. They always draw your attention to the car lot.)

Of course I told him that I only sell the products, but he could call a sign company to come out and install them. Unfortunately, he could not find anyone who will come out and do this for him.

He thanked me for my time and told me when he got ready to order more promotional products he would give me a call.

As I walked out to my vehicle, I stopped and looked up in the air at the existing streamers. What a mess. Some were broken, missing pieces, blowing all over the place, and they all had a dengy appearance.

That's when it hit me. Why couldn't I install them? All I need is a lift or bucket truck to rent and I could run them, go up tie them off and then move to the next pole. I've done some in the past and they are not hard to install.

So I turned around and went back into the dealership and went looking for the general manager. Once I found him I told him of my idea. He told me that if I could do that for him he would buy all his streamers from me and I could do his entire car lot.

Here's where the paradox comes in, I had the product he was wanting. But because I didn't offer installation he couldn't buy it. The minute I offered to install the product he purchased product and installation.

Had I sold him just product I would have made around $250. By installing the streamers, I'm making $2880.75. Plus I gain additional community recognition for my promotional business and I can add this to my portfolio when I am out meeting with new clients.

So when you get ready to offer your product or service ask yourself this question:

What Does Above and Beyond Mean To Me?

Woody Quiñones
ThePromotionalGuy.com (http://www.ThePromotionalGuy.com)

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