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Duane Adolph
June 9, 2007, 02:20 AM
Hi Dien

Thanks for sharing this concept. This was my first time seeing these "Spinners". I love the concept of "Human Billboards."

As I was watching some of these guys perform, I was thinking of some of other applications of this concept. Specifically to capture attention and drive traffic to an event.

Example #1: Human Billboards for Garage Sales?

Normally I see a cheap hand written sign posted up on a pole.

Example #2: Human Billboards for Night Clubs?

In downtown T.O (Toronto) on a Saturday Night in the club district, you will see various promoters handing out flyers to their club for the night trying to get the walk by traffic to come in. Perhaps not Spinning but there must be a more ATTENTION arousing method, since everybody other club is just handing out flyers as well.

Example #3 Human Billboards for New Housing Developments?

I saw one recently where this poor guy was dressed from head to toe in a "House Costume" of some sort and was POINTING a BIG white hand towards the development. Certainly caught my attention. Then I thought to myself, "This Guy but be sweating his Tail off in that ridiculous costume in this heat" :->

Wow and according to Phil's article (Thanks Phil) he linked to, the spinners get paid from $10 to $70 per hour.


Besides Spinning, what other attention grabbing Outdoo Advertising is there?

Thanks Dien!

They don't have them in my part of the world yet, though you may have seen them around... They're the...

Sign Spinners!

Essentially, they're a "new" version of the "human billboard". You know, the guy wearing a "sandwich board" with advertising on it, who walks around all day to promote a retail store or something like that...

"Sign spinning" takes that idea, and turns it into acrobatics!

The benefit of it is it GRABS attention!

In fact, it gets SO much attention, that some authorities are talking about banning it - because it can distract people and cause accidents!

Here's a great video of a sign spinner...


And here's a guy explaining the origins of sign spinning...


Pretty cool! :)

- Dien

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